New Online Custom QSZ Clip Design Service
Issue Date: 11/23/2022

Alpha has updated the Custom QSZ Clip Design Page.

The QSZ clip is a unique mechanical heat sink attachment method developed by Alpha. Each clip mounts to two board mounted anchor pins. The anchor pins only require 1.8mm diameter holes in the PCB.

In addition to offering several standard catalog QSZ clips, Alpha also offers an online custom QSZ clip design service. This service/tool was developed for customers that require a custom QSZ clip. The user interface has been significantly improved with new functions.

New functions and features include the following:

  • - 3D view is shown during customization, allowing instant design visualization
  • - Additional default clip shape options
  • - 2D/3D drawings and quotes are available in 0-2 business days
  • - Prototype lead time is ~ 2 weeks. Estimated unit cost is $20.00 for 10pcs, $3.00 for 100pcs,and $1.50 for 300pcs.

Alpha will continue to develop and improve this online tool.

Please visit the Custom QSZ Clip Design page for more details. If you have any question, please contact us.

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