Announcement of addition for 2.50mm diameter Push Pin Heat Sinks
Issue Date: 2022/04/29
new 2.5mm diameter pushpin and heat sink

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet customer requirements.

Alpha had added a new series of push pins, designed for use with a 2.50mm hole in the PCB. The smaller hole size will take up less PCB real estate, reducing PCB routing conflicts. Alpha has also added a new series of heat sinks that will utilize these 2.50mm push pins for attachment.

Initially, there were a limited number of heat sink sizes that could utilize these 2.50mm push pins. Now, nearly all 45mm square and smaller heatsinks can utilize the 2.50mm push pins.

Please refer to the following for additional details and specifications.

Model Name Base Size (mm) Height (mm) Hole pitch (mm)
LPDM40 40 x 40 10 - 35 33 x 33
LPDM45 45 x 45 38 x 38
UBM40 40 x 40 10 - 25 33 x 33
UBM45 45 x 45 38 x 38

Alpha can also customize our standard heatsinks. If a modification is required, please contact us.
Or, visit our Online Online Heat Sink Customization page.

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