Announcement of New ULP Series Heat Sinks
Issue Date: 11/12/2021
ULP series heatsink picture1

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet customer requirements.

As electronic devices like FPGAs, ASICs, and CPUs become more powerful, they are often mounted on PCBs that are densely populated with other higher power devices. This can result in system PCBs that are covered in heat sinks. In a system like this, optimizing heat sink design parameters, including fin geometry, can become critical to a successful thermal design. Focusing on low thermal resistance at the expense of high pressure drop can create a situation that is difficult or impossible to adequately cool, unless significantly more powerful fans are utilized.

The ULP series has been designed specifically to solve these challenges. The ULP fin pattern optimizes a balance between low thermal resistance and low pressure drop. Thin fins, wide fin gaps, and increased surface area have been carefully chosen to create a fin pattern capable of achieving this goal.

Customers are encouraged to model and utilize ULP series heat sinks when other fin patterns cannot meet with thermal targets, or do so at the expense of generating a high pressure drop, impacting overall system airflow.

New ULP series Heat Sinks :
Model name Base size (mm) Overall Height (mm)
ULP50 50 x 50 6 - 20
ULP60 60 x 60
ULP70 70 x 70 8 - 25
ULP80 80 x 80
ULP90 90 x 90
ULP100 100 x 100 10 - 25

Please visit our online catalog - ULP series for additional details.
Shipments will begin on 11/12/2021.

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