Announcing PAL8150, U81C-60B Heat Sink for Opteron, Athlon64FX/64 (socket 940/ 754)

The PAL8150 and U81C heat sinks are designed for use with AMD Opteron and Athlon 64FX/ 64 processors. These heat sinks are manufactured using Alpha's MicroForging® process, which produces a solid, one-piece heat sink forged from aluminum and copper. The copper embedded base reduces spreading resistance providing for more efficient heat transfer.

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The PAL8150 is an active heat sink, utilizing a fan mounted directly on the unit. The PAL8150M81 uses the M81 (fan size 80x80x25.4mm) Delta fan. The PAL8150M81 achieves a thermal resistance of .19 DegC/Watt. The PAL8150M82 uses the M82 (fan size 80x80x15mm), manufactured by SANYO DENKI. The PAL8150M82 achieves a thermal resistance of .27 DegC/Watt.

The bare heat sink (PAL8150T) is also available for users who want to select from a variety of available fans in order to balance their choice between noise and performance.

The U81C-60C incorporates Alpha's unique elliptical shaped fin that maximizes available surface area (fin thickness 1.15mm), while maintaining a low pressure-drop. The total height of the heat sink is 60mm. The U81C is ideal for use in 2U rack mount systems. This heat sink will require the use of ducted case airflow in order to obtain the cooling performance required by the AMD Opteron and Athlon 64 processors. The U81C-60C achieves AMD's thermal target of .27 DegC/Watt at 1 m/s (200 lfm) of ducted airflow.

These heat sinks mount through the two holes surrounding Socket 940/754. Two spring-loaded shoulder screws will secure the heat sink to the backing plate (*1), which is attached to the backside of the motherboard.

For detailed information, please visit our Online Catalog - PAL8150 Series / U81C Series.

(*1) Most Opteron and Athlon 64, 64FX Socket 940 and 754 Motherboards will come with a compatible metal backing plate, utilizing 6-32 thread metal standoffs. However, if a board did not come with a pre-installed backing plate, or if it came with a backing plate that does not conform to the AMD Thermal Design Guide, (for example all plastic), then the optional Alpha backing is required.

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