Announcement of New Gap Filler Materials
Issue Date: 2022/11/14
New gap filling materials

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet customer requirements.

Alpha offers gap filler materials as a thermal interface option. These materials are soft and compliant, allowing them to fill large gaps between the heat sink and heat source. Gap fillers can also be used when a single heat sink is cooling multiple heat sources.

Alpha has added two additional materials to our standard catalog. Alpha will also offer these gap filler materials in new standard sizes.

Details of new materials & sizes:

Part Name Manufacture Thickness (mm) Sheet size (mm) New / Available size
SF10-1 Laird Technology 1.00 229x229 20x20, 25x25, 30x30, 35x35,
40x40, 45x45, 50x50
- Outstanding thermal resistance and compression ratio
- Relatively expensive
PG80B-1 Fujipoly 300x200 - Good thermal resistance and compression ratio
- Reasonable cost
T-FLEX640 Laird Technology 229x229 20x20, 25x25, 35x35,
40x40, 45x45, 50x50
- Decent thermal resistance and compression ratio
- Inexpensive

For additional details, please visit our Thermal Interface page.

Alpha can also customize these gap filler materials. If a modification is required, please contact us.
Shipments will begin on 11/14/2022.

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